Here are two new walls painted by graffiti artist WOBE79 from Lyon, France just recently! Thanks for sharing Mr.Lectrics!

And this is a new fresh style painted by Italian graffiti artist ZEUS40 of WILDBOYS Crew painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM recently in Naples!

This is a recent commission painted by graffiti artist BACON for a yoga company in Toronto, using the full range of MOLOTOW PREMIUM blues with Olympia Blue being his base value.

Graffiti artist AKTE ONE from Berlin submitted this piece just recently painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM and outlined with FLAME ORANGE!

UK graffiti artist REPLETE recently completed the largest 3D anamorphic mural in the UK. Located at Brewery Wharf in the city of Leeds it's entitled Washing Marine it features a deep sea diver...

Together with the king of swing "SWET" CHEMISTRY PUBLISHING transformed a massive collection of painted walls and sketches to a handbound book. In the last 15-20 years he painted around 300 walls a...

This is a video by LOUIS THORNTON following UK based graffiti artist FANAKAPAN painting UP YOURS with MOLOTOW PREMIUM at 5th Base Gallery, London.

Here is a new Mural by UK based graffiti artist MR.CENZ painted at Hanbury Street London just recently with MOLOTOW PREMIUM. Video by: