And another Monday burner this time by Berlin based graffiti artist AKTE ONE painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM in Paris!

Here is a nice new wall in the making by ROMEO and MEGA from Hollandpainted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM: THE SPRAYING DEAD!

Here is a new wall by the hungarian graffiti artists FORK4 and KAST of the AFX CREW using FLAME PAINT and MOLOTOW PREMIUM! Autumn is here!

We just received two new pieces in the making by italian graffiti artist ZEUS40 of the WILDBOYS Crew! One painted with FLAME BLUE and another one painted with his friend TESO and MOLOTOW PREMIUM!

The new MOLOTOW PREMIUM ANTISTATIK NEON RED improved and introduced by the french artist himself!

About the artist:

Letters represent the basis of his work, though expressed from the experimental...

And another new wall freshly painted by MEGA and ROMEO, the dutch duo by the name of NASTY SONS, together with ETRS - The Piranha Wall:

“This theme wall was inspired by the movie ‘Piranha’. The idea...

RATH is back with this little river spot wall painted and inspired by the tv show People of Earth; a silly show where aliens replace abduction memories with images of deer.The wall was painted with...

After we reported from the Denver Colorado Crush 2017 with this huge mural by BOOGIE & TASTE here is another one painted by MR.CENZ with MOLOTOW PREMIUM!