Danish Graffiti artist SOTEN recently painted this fresh burner in New York City with MOLOTOW PREMIUM and a a little bit of FLAME PAINT!

Greek graffiti artist POISON recentyl rocked this piece with a fresh range of FLAME SPRAY PAINT! Check out the photos below!

This is UK Graffiti artist Replete with his latest Neon Classical piece painted on a VW van at the Nowt Special art event in Newcastle this weekend. Painted with the MOLOTOW PREMIUM range. 

French graffiti artist WOBE of the LECTRICS Crew kicks of a little new series titled WOBE SESSIONS. A photoseries of walls he recently painted with friends in Lyon or Paris. This is the first one in...

Here is a nice new graffiti piece painted by ZEUS40 of VMD and WILDBOYS Crews from Naples, Italy! Always great to see his very special color selections and how he gonna use the colors!

Here is nice new wall painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM and MOLOTOW COVERS ALL COLOR painted by the always great TASTE ONE from Denver, Colorado together with SUNK ONE, RUSTE and RICKS73. 

Here are some photos from the Kharkiv mural fest in Ukraine where FANAKAPAN painted this great mural with MOLOTOW PREMIUM!

UK graffiti artist REPLETE creates his latest piece in his Neon Classical series, this one being baron Samedi the Voodoo god of the dead. Painted with the MOLOTOW PREMIUM range.