From CMYK to RGB x FORK4

Here is how hungarian graffiti artist FORK4 of AFX Crew and his friend LEHEL painted their last piece in 2016 based on the CMYK and RGB COVERS ALL Color Combipacks offered in our onlineshop! Check out the photos after the jump!

  • bildschirmfoto-2016-12-31-um-22-12-18
  • bildschirmfoto-2016-12-31-um-22-11-53
  • bildschirmfoto-2016-12-31-um-22-11-45
  • bildschirmfoto-2016-12-31-um-22-12-01
  • bildschirmfoto-2016-12-31-um-22-12-25
  • bildschirmfoto-2016-12-31-um-22-12-32
  • bildschirmfoto-2016-12-31-um-22-12-38
  • bildschirmfoto-2016-12-31-um-22-12-46
  • bildschirmfoto-2016-12-31-um-22-12-54
  • bildschirmfoto-2016-12-31-um-22-13-18