The ONE4ALL™ marker system

Nothing is impossible! ONE4ALL™ markers are suitable for nearly all surfaces and offer an excellent UV resistance (exception: effect shades). The ONE4ALL™ range is the most comprehensive and most sustainable acrylic marker system on the market.

The ONE4ALL™ ink has been especially developed to be used in combination with MOLOTOW™ spray cans. The color shades fit to each other and can be combined perfectly.

Dependent on the spray can range, it is possible to work with different techniques.


CROSSOVER with the Urban Fine-Art™ spray can range: ONE4ALL™ acrylic markers can easily be applied over the well dried spray paint.


WET ON WET with ONE4ALL™ spray paint: perfect for mixed media. The ONE4ALL™ spray can is the perfect equivalent to the ONE4ALL™ acrylic marker system. In combination, both paints can be treated wet on wet and several effects can be created.


  • acrylic-based
  • semi-gloss
  • highly opaque
  • permanent
  • good UV resistance1
  • quick-drying
  • non-toxic
  • conforms to ASTM D 4236
  • dilutable with water or acetone (1-3%)
  • for nearly all surfaces2
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • refillable – min. 50 times
  • exchangeable tips
  • mixable
  • perfectly suitable for airbrush
  • compatible with ONE4ALL™ acrylic spray paint
  • Made in Germany

1 Exception: fluorescent neon colors.
2 Check surfaces for compatibility before application.


ONE4ALL™ works on nearly all surfaces. Important: check surfaces for compatibility before application. Very smooth, non-absorbing and flexible surfaces should be prepared with primer before decorating and sealed with varnish afterwards to achieve lasting permanence.

on plastic ...

... on leather ...

... on cardboard ...

... on terracotta and stone ...

... on original MINI SUBWAYZ by Glaze! ...

... on metal ...

... on glass ...

... on wood ...

... on canvas ...

... and many other surfaces!


paint application with marker ...

... straight out of the bootle ...

mixing own color shades ...

... or brush ...

... or with any other application tool.

... and store them in the empty bottle.

ONE4ALL™ is perfectly suitable as airbrush paint.
The fine pigments can be sprayed through any airbrush gun.


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DR. MOLOTOW knows best:

ONE4ALL™ acrylic paint is highly pigmented. For this reason, it is extremely important to SHAKE THE MARKERS AND SPRAY CANS WELL BEFORE USE. That guarantees full opacity as the pigments are well mixed.