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The original. As the first spraycan worldwide without mixing-balls no other action-spraycan ever gained a similar status as the MOLOTOW™ BURNER. The unmatched chrome-quality with long-lasting color-brilliance with ultra-high gloss and the ingenious all-season™ setting for complete weather- and temperature-independence do their part to spread the legendary reputation of the BURNER-series. All BURNER-cans come with Flowmaster-valve™ and FatCap - available in chrome, gold and silver.

940.443 MOLOTOW™
BURNER Chrom / 150 ml

940.422 MOLOTOW™
BURNER Chrom / 400 ml

940.506 MOLOTOW™
BURNER Chrom / 500 ml

940.397 MOLOTOW™
BURNER Chrom / 600 ml

940.449 MOLOTOW™
BURNER Gold / 600 ml

940.500 MOLOTOW™
BURNER Kupfer / 600 ml


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more product details:

Lots of square meters in no time  – with the SuperFat Cap you can get very quickly a lot of paint onto the wall.


Like all MOLOTOW™ cans BURNER™ is overkill-proof, too. Function guaranteed even with extreme temperatures.


A perfect and super-fast throw-up is guaranteed with MOLOTOW™ BURNER chrome and the bitumen-based classic COVERSALL™ 2 Both are also available as 400 ml edition.

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