In 2008, Jürgen Feuerstein hit the bull’s-eye with another product innovation: it was the year of birth of our legendary MASTERPIECE™ series – until today an important component not just for the active writer scene. Both different inks are unique, permanent and UV resistant. In addition, the 760PI / 767PI marker with its 60 mm wide tip is the largest marker worldwide. Hats off to the Master of Ceremonies!

“Paint it black” with the MASTERPIECE™ series and choose between the signal black COVERSALL™ with viscoplastic coating or the fast-flowing SPEEDFLOW™ with copper shimmer.

signal black COVERSALL™ with viscoplastic coating
fast-flowing SPEEDFLOW™ with copper shimmer
See for yourself! We don‘t only claim it - we can prove it. MOLOTOW™ Labs has sent test charts with strokes of both inks out to the stores to let you see and even compare with any other ink marker you want to blame.

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