This alcohol-based, fast-drying special ink offers nearly permanent and very strong fluorescent color results under UV-light - really clever
The world’s first ready-to-use Aqua Ink Pump Softliner with a water-based special ink. Due to its versatility and color intensity, it is even now the new and universal star in the design-, graphics- and art sector.
The Masking Liquid Pump Marker contains a special masking liquid for rub down in a manufactured application tool.
With the help of this patented Blender-tool every artist creates his own spectrum of color shades. The Blender Pump Softliner can be used for all alcohol-based inks and makes smooth transitions possible.
World's first soft brush pump marker with unique patented pumping system and capillary technology. The removable, soft-edged brush tip...
An excellent fine-art tool for the most filigree art-works. This graphic marker is equipped with an extra-fine ...

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