Once upon a time far, far away ... there was a simple guy with the genius idea of creating a graffiti and street-art tool optimized with and for artists ....


IDEA – Actually Jürgen Feuerstein (MOLOTOW™ Mastermind) just wanted to bridge a gap in the market with his idea of spray can customized for graffiti. Some sprayer friends who used to buy their color sprays at his store kept complaining all the time that the cans are not quite what they needed to pursue their skills... more


PREMIUM KICK OFF – After three years of preparation we’ve finally gotten there: The MOLOTOW™ flagship, the PREMIUM spray-can was ready to rock and roll! Color, pigment and aerosol technology had been revolutionized. MOLOTOW™ found with the Kwasny Group (one of Europe’s leading manufacturer for spray-paint) the perfect partner for the realization of the PREMIUM concept.


DOUBLE FUNCTION CAP – The latest innovation:  introducing the patented DoubleFunctionCap. After removing the cap, a color ring remains on the can, indicating the color you are working with.


MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM PLUS – The large edition of the reliable PREMIUM is released in 12 colors including chrome. The special features of this can are: high output and high pressure for fast working.


MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM transparent – Launch of 14 new PREMIUM transparent colors. The PREMIUM range is complemented by 16 colors and offers now 186 colors in total.


MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM RELAUNCH – In 2011 MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM is setting standards in the graffiti and street-art section again and presents the largest color range ever. The range has been extended with 65+ colors to all in all 251+ colors. In cooperation with MadC and the Kwasny Group the range was completely rearranged and 49 color groups were elaborated.


MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM – Now with an advanced formula and increased opacity performance (more pigments) guaranteeing the same reliable quality as ever. In addition we added a fifth, bigger mixing ball - the Big-Ball - to achieve better and faster mixing properties.

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