Ever since it was MOLOTOW™s major goal to create a graffiti- and street-art paint together with artists – because they know their demands in paint the best. In close cooperation with exceptional artist MAD C MOLOTOW™ now developed the most comprehensive graffiti and street-art color range worldwide. While MAD C was taking care of the color concept, resident artist and Beta-tester Stephane Helbert (Antistatik) analyzed opacity, luminance and hue of the new and selected existing colors at the MOLOTOW™ laboratories.



In early 2010 MOLOTOW™ asked several writers – me included - what they’d change about the MOLOTOW™ color range. After painting the 700m² wall and working with almost all the colors in the PREMIUM range, I put together a list of missing tones and how I’d re-arrange the color system. MOLOTOW™ liked my ideas and approach and asked me to finalize my ideas.

For days and days I rearranged small MOLOTOW™ color cards, cut color charts into pieces and combined them with my MOLOTOW™ list. The result was a long list of new colors and many re-arrangements in the existing series. In a next step MOLOTOW™ sent my revisions off to their partner company Peter Kwasny GmbH who started mixing new colors and improving existing colors based on my system.

In late 2010 Kwasny invited MOLOTOW™ and me to a meeting in their company in Gundelsheim/ Germany. It was the first time I was able to look behind the scenes and see the full production process from the laboratory up to the finished and filled spray cans. This was a fantastic experience since the whole team was highly professional and motivated in each field. One word: perfectionism. For someone seeking perfectionism, there’s hardly anything better imaginable than being able to help your favorite tool becoming even better without losing its character.

At the Kwasny factory I was able to see my system in big scale. Here it became clear, that the system wasn’t perfect yet. So I went back to zero and started re-arranging and mixing once again with big color cards this time. After even more days and days of hard thinking, 65 new colors had come to life. The MOLOTOW™ colors were re-arranged into a nicely flowing system and at this point biggest spray can color range worldwide. From here MOLOTOW™ and Kwasny took it in their hand to create the new PREMIUM colors and re-arrange them to a new system based on my suggestions.

I can’t wait for the new tools
to arrive at my next wall.

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