Jürgen Feuerstein visionary and founder of MOLOTOW™.


Responsibility is not just an obligation – it’s our passion.
MOLOTOW™ stands for innovation and quality in high-end products.

However, it’s not only about the products – it’s about long-term future visions. We produce them to share those visions with our customers and partners and as well: with our environment.

Short procurement routes, less energy consumption, sustainable application tools, function guarantees, reliability in procurement of products and future-orientated concepts:

“That’s the reason why MOLOTOW™ always will stand for innovation and quality in high-end products.”


We are pioneers in sustainable marker systems – 
invented, assembled and produced in Germany 


Revolutionary was the invention of the most efficient and sustainable acrylic marker system Made in Germany, in 2008. Conceptualized for a minimum refilling of 50 times, conceptualized to avoid unnecessary plastic waste.

read more about the R.E.M. technology

MOLOTOW™ Headquarters – the home of all sustainable innovations, lives it‘s own corporate philosophy and produces 75% of its operating power with own solar panels.

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