The MOLOTOW™ TrainThe MOLOTOW™ TrainThe MOLOTOW™ TrainThe MOLOTOW™ Train


Rail tracks and a train car at the backyard of the MOLOTOW™ Headquarters, how does that sounds to you? Well, we made it. Crazy for many reasons. At the end of the day we are sure to offer the perfect surface for an unique project. That train is our tribute to an very important movement of the worldwide graffiti art scene.


We took it home, welcome to the: MOLOTOW™ Train



Boogie (Basel)


"We could willingly outline Boogie‘s work with this ironic statement and its purposely grammatical error, because what isn‘t perfect is often much better. The german graphic artist‘s main work is the letter, which he adopts from fifties‘ style rounded writing, echoing the onomatopoeic expressivity." (La Grille Gallery)


Graffiti Artist Boogie from Basel paid a visit to our headquarters to paint the The MOLOTOW™ Train!

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