Streets of FireStreets of FireStreets of FireStreets of Fire

Streets Of Fire 2012

Norway does not give home to many graffiti jams but in the small city of Drammen the writers duo KID & LOZE have organised two large jams. One of them was the “Can’t Stay Away” graffiti jam that took place last year and the other went by the name the “Streets Of Fire” jam. The Union Scene in Drammen proved to be the perfect location for these jam festivals. Next to all the graffiti action the “Streets Of Fire” was packed with quality hip hop plus a big break-dance battle hosted by PAY2 with the music from none other than Afrika Bambaataa (live). On top of that other well known Norwegian hip-hop acts were also present to amuse the crowd. Next to this the jams also provided street art workshops, a skateboard ramp and other DJ shows. Mad respect and gratitude goes out to KID & LOZE for all their efforts, but also to the Union Scene for hosting the jams. Last but certainly not least a huge thank you also goes out to MOLOTOW™ for sponsoring all the spray paint!   

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