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Picture of the Week

Toomer TKO Los Angeles (Photo: Nils Müller)



Toomer from Los Angeles, Kacao77 from Berlin, Take2 from Australia and Soten from Copenhagen in Bratislava did a very nice Teamwork at Rendez Jam. Watch out for more photos of the Monkey Island Wall later that week.



LA Cruz Negra Toomer aka TLoko just have sent over that nice new canvas done before he has left today for his first Europe trip. The canvas was made for his book and gonna be used for the cover. As soon there are more infos on that we go to send updates. You can meet Toomer due his current Trip in Berlin (July 23/24), Bratislava (25/26 July), Stuttgart (27 July), Lahr (July 28th) and Basel Switzerland (July 29th). We have prepared a nice trip with dope productions and video shootings. Watch out.



A few of the Molotow and Friends will stop by some german stores in the near future. L.A. Heavy Weight Toomer aka Tloko will pass by the High Mighty Store in Stuttgart the 27th july. Together with Soten from Copenhagen, Kacao77 from Berlin and TakeTwo from Australia. It all goes down at the High Mighty Store Stuttgart and their new HallofFame, get your info about the program right there. Cope2 will be at Yard5 Store Berlin on the 24th july due his stay for the upcoming Yard5 Summer Jam. So if you want to meet them make sure to be there in time!


Rendez Jam Bratislava

Toomer from Los Angeles will be in Europe for a few days in july. The californian heavy weight, Take2 from Australia, Kacao77 from Berlin, Soten from Copenhagen and many more artists are invited to the Rendez Jam in Bratislava, Slovakia on the July 25th.


Toomer on Vimby!

Watch this new video with the LA graffiti writer Toomer on Vimby.


what people do for money?

Toomer also got his big hands in other things besides graffiti. He is part of "Moneytalks" where people are challenged to do all kinds of crazy things for money, even getting spraypainted.

"at Venice Beach where we met one delicious little California girl, who didnt mind letting us paint an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini on her."

The whole episode is too hot to show here, but if you are over 18 and want to pay, you can click on, a few sneak pictures after the jump, anyways please note, do not imitate