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SlipOn Canvas Project Linz

Vans & TheGenuine presents the SlipOn Canvas Project in Linz (Austria) on April 28th 2012. Have a look at the Promoflyer after the jump! (more…)


GRIDS in Denmark

“Lines, conststructure, Sceleton, pattern, net, grids Whatever! Tiny, big, filled, see thru, loose, tight, 3d, color, black n white, sketchy…”

Here is a part from PUPPET´s latest Gridprojekt at Paintopia Denmark, footage after the jump! (more…)



Within the last 2 years, more than 47,000 visitors came to see artists and galleries from all over der world. (Poland, Brasil, Austria, USA, Italy, France, Chile, Spain, Switzerland or the UK – just to name a few). Urban Art is now! In fact the huge variety of subcultural dynamics of the last 30 years in this in this melting pot are self-replicating. Terms such as “Low Brow”, “Street Art”, “Graffiti”, “Illustration”, “Graphic Design” or “Comic Art” are fused with classic notions of art, newly interpreted, and with unconventional resources are given a whole new context. This years STROKE Urban Art Fair at Munichs Praterinsel is completely booked out. More then 30 participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy guarantee a thrilling 4 day art event. From painting to streetart, graffiti, illustration or photography – the URBAN ART FAIR represents finest Urban Art.

STROKE 2012 – Munich – Praterinsel – May 03.-06. 2012 –


FLAME Twin Marker

The FLAME Twin Markers are the good value alternative to the MOLOTOW™ BASIC Sketcher markers. (more…)


Sketch Session – KURIR – PUBB Crew

Here is the first of some more MOLOTOW™ Marker sketch sessions to come. Enjoy a timelapse video with KURIR of the PUBB Crew Sweden and have a look the final artwork after the jump! (more…)


Elementi Sotterranei 2012

The seventh edition of Elementi Sotterranei is approaching! New spaces, new operating mode! This year the painting will take place on TWO WALLS, beside the train station of Gemona del Friuli (Udine, Italy), the weekend of June, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2012. 14 artists from Italy, Spain, Germany and Netherlands ( Loomit Dado Dome One Macs Tasek…) will be painting on the main wall, facing East: 300 square meters average. The event call for more artists to participate so make sure to checkout their page here!


INVADER: Vernissage at A.L.I.C.E. gallery

The artist from France has invaded the walls of Brussels with his mosaics, redrawing a map of the city according to his artistic wanderings. In the gallery, Invader presents the aliases of the Brussels invasion (a unique piece for each street mosaic), installations of Rubik’s cubes and sculptures such as « The Speedball Machine »

A.L.I.C.E. gallery / BXL 2012 – Dérives / Exposition: 20.04.2012 > 19.05.2012 / Vernissage: 20.04.2012 at 6PM