MEGA & ROMEO x Bruce Lee Wall

“We were invited to pimp a small gym in our hometown. They wanted an inspiring quote on the wall to use as motivation for the people who are sporting there. We decided to paint a themewall with Bruce Lee and his well known saying ‘be water my friend’…. For the background we used the MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Acrylic spray paint in combination with water and a sponge to create an overall watercolor effect. In order to achieve this we had to paint the background first after we sketched our first lines. This worked very well. We only had to wait a little bit longer before the wall was completely dry and we could start working on our pieces. From now on they have something nice to look at when sporting…”

Check out the NASTY SONS´ latest production after the jump!

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We just received first footage from Wynwood, Miami. As every december of the year, Art Basel was calling and numerous graffiti and street artists came to paint murals and walls in the wynwood art district. Here we go with two productions, one mural hosted by the UpArtStudio painted by MR.CENZ from London with MOLOTOW PREMIUM and one more wall painted by graffiti artists MERLOT & AMUSE126 aka the Alphabet Monsters with FLAME BLUE. Both did a name swap, check out the photos after the jump!

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FONKI x Mural Festival Montreal

Greg Pistol just send in this video filmed end edited a while back during the Montreal Mural Fest. It shows the artist FONKI work in progress painting a mural with MOLOTOW PREMIUM. Nice one!



NO PRINTING_YES WRITING is a series of books and posters by Andre Haazes aka HZS:

“..they all are unique and written by the artist. Every writing has his own way of being, the colours, the lines, everything. That’s why the name, NO PRINT_YES WRITE, for me as a writer it’s a ‘day in night out’ thing, always willing to write on things.”

In this project the artist used the MOLOTOW LIQUID CHROME Marker.


MOLOTOW Online Shop XMAS 2016 Special

It´s Christmas time! As always MOLOTOW is now offering some very special XMAS Deals to you! Check out the online version of our latest XMAS 2016 print mailing with special deals straight out of our headquarters. You can peep over to our Online shop, anything you see in the mailling is available there! Please check and consider our terms of delivery before you order.


FORK4 paints the MOLOTOW Train

A few weeks ago hungarian Art Director and Graffiti artist Fork4 of AFX Crew from Budapest visited our headquarters. If you are a follower of our online blog, Fork4 is for sure someone you have heard of. We do support him for some time now, not only because of his vibrant colorful wall productions popping up regulary. Influenced by graffiti and visualization his work ranges from photorealistic pieces to the classic graffiti. For the MOLOTOW Train Fork4 prepared a nice sketch to realize with the MOLOTOW COVERS ALL 400ml Range including all 49 available colors (2016). Due to pure pigments, this paint achieves an extra deep color brilliance, that´s why he decided to paint the Train with this product only. The result you can see in the video and the photos here: a beautiful and colorful wholecar!


DERICK & BISAR Bratislava Trackside

Slovakian graffiti artists DERICK and BISAR having a good time piecing with MOLOTOW PREMIUM, FLAME BLUE and FLAME ORANGE Kiwi Light Outline at the Bratislava tracksides, check out some photos after the jump!

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