‘Blurring Boundaries’ Book – Hendrik ‘ECB’ Beikirch

A Masterpiece: In Hendrik ‘ecb’ Beikirch´s first book Blurring Boundaries – Extending Graffiti Limits, the artist introduces himself and his versatile works of art. His huge Murals are known world-wide, where foreign faces are impressively ripped out from the anonymity of huge metropolises. Have a look at the preview, the book is available

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And here is a new wall with RATH´s old partner ABOVE, original member of the UPS crew (under police surveillance).

“Since it was thursday we did an Ode to the new trend of ‘throwback thursdays’. We tried to pick colors that were representative of a favorite Krylon color scheme from back in the day, using MOLOTOW™-PREMIUM colors. I did quick characters of us in the middle.”

Have a look at the detailshots after the jump!

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MR.PUPPET – ”Im nostalgic about the future”

Here is a new wall by MR PUPPET from Sweden: ”Im nostalgic about the future”, a reflection of the early years..done in his Gridstyle within 3 days of painting.

“I did put in that special casette tape into the boom box to make it a sign of the naive times.. I promise you it was mantronix on the other side..i got it also later approved by sam fox her self.. isn’t it ironic..”

Have a loot at the photos after the jump!

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New BOOGIE Backpiece

Graffiti Artist BOOGIE just sent in a new Backpiece painted with MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL Markers, have a look at the photos after the jump!

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New NOVE Mural in Hamburg

The brazilian Mural Artist NOVE just finished his new work in Hamburg (Germany) as part of the MS Artville Festival. The Mural titled LIBERTY OF YOUR MIND and was curated by the Team behind Urban Shit, please find some photos after the jump

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One Truth Volvo Art Tour 2014

The suisse One Truth Collective goes for 1 month on a European tour sponsored by Volvo Cars, defined objectives are Lörrach, Cologne, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Malmö. one truth meet in Malmö the world famous graffiti artists Bates.


KENOR – “Polyrythmic Beats” Show in Paris

A song is formed by a set of rythms. I paint rhythms, deconstruct and construct them, creating a new audio visual piece of work. Transforming each rhythm into my different pictorial language.

In ”Polyrhythmic Beats ‘’I’ve merged all the styles that I have developed over the last 10 years: geometry, abstract, deconstruction, dimension and movement. For this concept it has been very important building with points, creating infinite points from a continuous and indefinite succession that defragments the line on the plane into multiple fragments in a single dimension.

“Polyrythmic Beats” – KENOR: GALERIE CELAL – 11 / 09 / 2014 Paris/France

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