German graffiti artist SKAPE289 just tried the new MOLOTOW COVERS ALL 400ml Spraypaint Line and painted two pieces. Checkout the results and some work in progress photos as well as some product feedback by the artist after the jump!

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Krispy Cream BACON

Here is a new piece in the making painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM by graffiti artist BACON from Canada, checkout the work in process shots after the jump!

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SOTEN in New York

Danish graffiti artist SOTEN recently painted some walls in New York City, here is the first one sent in. Checkout the process shots and the final work after the jump!

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FORK4 x Sergey Akramov

Russian fine artist Sunset aka Sergey Akramov visited graffiti artist FORK4 of AFX Crew in Budapest, to paint a colorful wall at the Hall of Fame with MOLOTOW PREMIUM and some FLAME PAINT. Checkout the video above and photos of the process and final artwork after the jump!

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New MR.CENZ Mural in Newham, London

Here is a new mural painted by UK based artist MR.CENZ painted in Newham, London painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM. Some more photos and the final work please find after the jump!

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Here is a quick update with two fresh new pieces by US graffiti artist TASTE from Denver painted with MOLOTOW PREMIUM. Checkout the photos after the jump!

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German artist Sönke Busch of the ATAP Crew from Bremen has been into Graffiti since 1993. His artworks rarely showing bright colors but straight tagging and lines. As you can watch him working in this video entitled HANDSTYLE by Handstyle by Christian Tipke.


RAZOR paints the MOLOTOW Train

Trainwriting is probably the most traditional discipline of the graffiti art movement. The german graffiti art culture has a long history and since the ´80s cities like Dortmund, Munich or Hamburg are well known for its high quality of painted passenger trains. There are many outstanding trainwriters to mention active since and still on to represent their names and crew. One of them is RAZOR and his COLORS ON STEEL (COS) Crew from northern germany, who is active since the early´90s. Everyone interested in german graffiti knows, what kind of graffiti artist this time painted our MOLOTOW Train, not long time ago. We were very honored to host such a legend and we are proud of having him in the family of supported MOLOTOW artists. This is a tribute to his work, quality and endurance during more than 25 years of painting trains with the highest possible quality. Check out some photos and the final artwork here!