Welcome to the world of MOLOTOW™ markers. Whatever you have in mind artistically, here you´ll find the matching marker. Have a look around and get inspired!


The MOLOTOW™ marker system is a little revolution, based on the unique R.E.M.™ technology, helping the user to save money and to stay flexible in long-term. – R.E.M.™ stands for Refill, Exchange and Mix.
The idea of the new MOLOTOW™ Refill Extension ring has totally revolutionized the refill technology of our pump markers. Never again greasy hands and even the mixing of new color shades becomes child’s play.
Highly opaque and UV resistant on nearly all surfaces: The sustainable ONE4ALL™ acrylic marker system has been built to refill and is available in 50 color shades.
The MOLOTOW™ Empty Pump Markers are available in different sizes and can be filled with every kind of liquid paint. We recommend our ...
If you love the spray can classic BURNER, you will adore this marker!
The new MOLOTOW™ CHALK pump markers are ideal for temporary applications on nearly all smooth surfaces or for art applications on canvas.
Small, but oh my!
The Rookie Sketch'n'go in a handy pocket size,
is the perfect companion to go.
With the AQUA Squeeze Pen coloring is a piece of cake. This sophisticated application tool can be filled with nearly all fluid inks or water pretty easily.
„Perfect for bulk consumers – with the refillable AQUA TWIN, MOLOTOW™ launches a further innovation.
State of the art markers don´t have to be expensive – MOLOTOW™ proves that with the new BASIC series. ...
The best-value Fineliner Made in Germany with water-based ink is back again!
Excellent fine-art tools for the most filigree art-works.
Bigger is better – its ultra-broad 60 mm high-flow tip makes it the biggest marker on the market. Available as 760PI with CoversAll ink and 767PI with Speedflow ink.
The MOLOTOW™ DRIPSTICK is unique, not only due to its EASY-Refill System with tank cap for clean and quick refilling, but also due to its universal possibilities as application tool. ...
The TRANSFORMER™ is probably the most flexible High-Flow marker worldwide. There’s no need for a new marker: Interchangeable parts enable a broad style range between 4 mm & 50 mm.
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