ONE4ALL™ Acrylic Spray PaintONE4ALL™ Acrylic Spray PaintONE4ALL™ Acrylic Spray PaintONE4ALL™ Acrylic Spray Paint



What started out with a revolutionary acrylic marker system, is going to be continued with a 400 ml spray can, now. The low odor ONE4ALL™ spray can outclasses every other water-based spray can.


The ONE4ALL™ spray can is the perfect equivalent to the ONE4ALL™ acrylic marker system. In combination, both paints can be treated wet on wet, which is perfect for mixed media. The spray paint is true multi-talent and moreover perfectly suitable for architecture, hobby and decoration works. Simply one for all – no limits!


ONE4ALL™ ACRYLIC Spray Paint 400ml

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Dr. Molotow KNOWS BEST!

ONE4ALL™ acrylic spray paint provides the finest atelier quality with unprecedented durability, flexibility and UV resistance. Crack formation is a thing of the past. The quick drying time is spectacular. The volatile solvent amount is substituted with 85% water.

The ONE4ALL™ spray paint concentrate is as economical as a 600 ml aerosol.

Shake can extremely well before use – this
guarantees the fine pigments to spread evenly!

Clean used caps with water – while the paint is
still wet!


229   nature white 357.229
115   vanilla pastel 357.115
006   zinc yellow 357.006
085   DARE orange 357.085
013   traffic red 357.013
086   burgundy 357.086
161   shock blue middle 357.161
230   shock blue 357.230
204   true blue 357.204
042   currant 357.042
231   fuchsia pink 357.231
232   magenta 357.232
233   purple violet 357.233
206   lagoon blue 357.206
235   turquoise 357.235
236   poison green 357.236
221   grasshopper 357.221
096   MISTER GREEN 357.096
208   ocher brown light 357.208
092   hazelnut brown 357.092
160   signal white 357.160
237   grey blue light 357.237
238   grey blue dark 357.238
180   signal black 357.180


perfect for mixed media for a wet in wet treatment

decorative or creative – very good adhesion even on plastics



ONE4ALL™ spray paint is also available as UV-Varnish in matt and glossy. 

Painted surfaces are 25% more UV resistant, when sealed with this UV-varnish. Special characteristic: ONE4ALL™ UV-Varnish is suitable as fixative for all water-, acrylic-, alcohol and solvent-based colors and ensures a high resistance against water, gasoline and cleaning supplies.

An extremely scratch-proof varnish, enables a high-class sealing and protecting of heavily used surfaces.


ONE4ALL™ UV-Varnish 400ml

more product details:

239 UV-Varnish gloss 357.239
240 UV-Varnish matt 357.240


high-class sealing and protecting of heavily used surfaces with UV varnish – extremely scratch-proof

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