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The main facts of the MOLOTOW™ Action series are: Smooth, high coverage and fat! These products are dedicated to fill huge surfaces in a fast way. MOLOTOW™ BURNER Chrom is the best chrome on the market and we are glad to be able to offer the most innovative tar products worldwide.

The ultimate MOLOTOW™ action-product...
A dream comes true – the action classic is available in 49 rich colors, now! Due to pure pigments, the paint achieves an extra deep color brilliance.
The milestone of bitumen spray-technology...
Deeper black genuine bitumen, sharp edges, clear line, precise fine valve adjustment.
With UV-block. Still faster, quieter, blacker and extremely light-resistant due to a new UV block that..
The original. As the first can worldwide without mixing-balls...
The MOLOTOW™ XXL Classic. A classic product of our range! available in 600ml Black and Chrome.
The Devil Colors. More than ten year on the market - this can has proven it's value.

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